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Booking Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there really a dozen members or is that some kind of marketing ploy?
Usually The Funky Dozen does in fact have 12 members at any given show! Sometimes it can be 11, sometimes it can be 13 or even more!  When you book The Funky Dozen, you get the full experience. Every. Single. Time!  We start with a full horn section, then add in male and female vocalists and, of course, our rockin’ rhythm section. We pipe all this amazingness into our world-class RCF sound system and light up the entire room with our custom designed lighting rig!  The end result is a completely immersive experience that has to be seen and heard to be believed!

What does it cost to have The Funky Dozen perform?
We consider many factors in establishing pricing, including location, length of show, date, and type of event.  We’re happy to provide a quote once we have this information! Please use the contact form to get the ball rolling.

How far will The Funky Dozen travel to perform?
The band is based in Ukiah, California, so most of our shows are in Northern California, but we’ll travel anywhere you want to take us! Florida? Hawaii? Nebraska? Japan? You bet! Anything is possible!

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