Technical Documents

This page is for Venues and Sound Companies that are preparing to host an upcoming Funky Dozen show.

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Stage Plot

Channel Input List

Contract & Tech Rider

Rig Rundown


Our sound system is from a legendary Italian high-end speaker brand called RCF.

It’s a Line Source system (meaning that all of the speakers working together are designed to sound like one big speaker) w/4 NX-L24a– Two per side, stacked vertically to align the waveguides and provide exceptional long throw performance for larger venues/outdoor shows.  The NX-Ls sit atop 4 SUB 8004-AS 18” subs.  Two per side.  This system is simply mind blowing in its clarity and power, without causing our guests to be uncomfortable.  The subs are 2500 watts per cabinet and the NX-L24a are 1400 watts per cabinet.  We’ve never exceeded 75% of this system’s capabilities.  In smaller venues, we will sometimes use half of the system.


The Board is a Mackie DL32R that is operated by our tech team remotely from FOH with no cables running across the dance floor.

The Funky Dozen does not use “floor wedge” monitor speakers but instead uses wireless “in-ear” monitors.  This allows us to protect our hearing, virtually eliminate feedback, and cut down on our stage volume by a significant amount. Each member of the band has their own iDevice and can control their monitor mix directly.


We utilize an array of different microphones from Shure, Audio Technica, AKG and Audix.

Vocal Mics (we have 5-6 vocalists, usually!) are the amazing Audix OM-7.

Kick drum Mics are the classic pairing of the Shure Beta 91 (inside) and Beta 52 (outside).  This gives us the clarity of the beater contacting the drum head and the full bottom end of the shell at the same time.
We close-mic the hats and ride bell with some AKG Hyper-Cardioid Condenser mics
Rack Toms are Audio-Technica Pro-35 and Floor Tom is AKG D112
Snare is the good-‘ole SM57

Derek’s rig has a built-in D.I.

SM57 clamped onto the guitar cab.

Bari, Tenor, Trumpet
All wireless clip-on mics